Tori Toguchi
Anonymous: Hello I saw your post about school, and you asked for more information on any of the listed school. As a Media Studies major, with a concentration in Analysis and Criticism, at Hunter College I felt incline to write to you. I also thought it cool that you are from Hawaii, because my boyfriend is from there. Anyway, about Hunter College. I would probably say that Media Studies is as close as you'll get to Mass Communications, but I find it quite worth it.I personally find my curriculum diverse.

I’m really glad there’s someone out there who saw my post to talk to me about one of the schools and thank you for writing to me. It’s very awesome to hear there’s a fellow local out in New York! 

Decided to take a look into it and it seems incredibly interesting and within a very similar area of study that I’d be going into with photography. Thanks for the tip!

North Shore Waves.
Amanda R. 
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Alex, Rachel, and Elana.
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