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Hawane Rios expresses what the sacred Mauna Kea mountain on Hawaii’s Big Island means to her, and describes the desecration threatened by a proposed telescope, housed in an enormous 18-story tall observatory.  There are already 13 observatories on the mountain.

"It’s not a time to build more buildings to look up at the universe, but a time to look at the universe within ourselves."

#Sacred Mountain #Indigenous #resistance

This video demonstrates the way the indigenous peoples of Hawaii view the Islands on which they live, and how these lands need to be protected from those who seek to exploit them and desecrate them by building unnecessary observatories on sacred ground, where several already exist.  This relates very well to the idea of cultural tourism in that the individuals who come to visit Hawaii for a cultural experience are ignorant of the ways that sacred lands are being taken and exploited.  This video illustrates the way that indigenous peoples are attempting to raise awareness about the way that the land that is sacred to them is being taken and destroyed.  The woman in this video speaks about a spiritual connection this land, which is not be respected and the way that this will effect not only the land that will be built upon, but the people as a whole.

It also shows that the way that mainlanders think about Hawaii, as a touristy vacation destination, is incorrect and ignorant and ignores many of the problems that exist within the tourist destinations and activities and the ways that these “tourist traps” appropriate and disrespect the culture of the indigenous peoples of Hawaii.  Also, this relates very well to the book A Small Place, which we will be reading over break, particularly the chapters concerning the tourist industry and the feelings that the locals have concerning tourists in general.  


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Hawane Rios is the daughter of Pua Case (as she mentions). The Case family are generally native rights lawyers and their children (as in Hawane’s situation) have become very invested in protecting the land. This is very common in Hawai’i. I’m sure as people have seen my posts regarding Hawai’i and people from here have seen the intense pride many Hawaiian youth have. While the video is significant in expressing the thoughts about the observatory, I urge people to also take into consideration the bolded text as it goes further in-depth regarding several concepts. I also highly suggest “A Small Place” for reading if people are interested.

I must also comment for people to not take what she is saying out of context. She is not saying that we should stop looking to the stars, as of course Polynesians have looked to the stars since the Great Voyages to guide us. She means we must begin to take stock of ourselves and the earth as much as we do space.

This is important.

The fact that Okinawa is only 0.6% of Japan’s land; yet hold 62% of all US Military Bases in Japan really rubs me the wrong way. 

Art is there to remind me. Art is how i feel sometimes. and not others.

Art is watching a piece of work be endlessly reproduced and take on incredible twists and turns and radiance and beauty.

Art is the stuff critics can’t do.
— Thom Yorke, Interview, Dazed and Confused  
Elana W.

Elana W.

My two beautiful friends Elana and Rachel. More to come! 

My two beautiful friends Elana and Rachel. More to come! 

School starts tomorrow! Hopefully these next two semesters pass by quickly… because I want to be in New York as quickly as possible!

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Photo : 秘密庭園。

I don’t know why but I really, really like this Photoset.


It really peeves me when all people do is complain about social injustice issues or other problems with “America” instead of offering solutions or leading by example to advocate a better tomorrow. Activism isn’t about sitting around and talking bad about the state of the nation, it’s about taking the responsibility of being a citizen and getting your hands dirty.


You have the power to change how others think in the way that you react, interact, provide, and correct. Use words only when necessary.